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swimming pool water heater in Bangalore

Swimming Pool Water Heater in Bangalore

Vindsol’s swimming pool water heater in Bangalore is specially designed and engineered for water temperature control of swimming pool and spa in the hot summer and cold winter. Thanks to their tropical designs of the systems, the units are able to withstand the hash summer weather conditions and can operate at ambient temperature as high as 45℃ without compressor tripping or failure.

The units work as chillers in summer and heat pumps in other seasons, offering the most energy efficient pool & spa chilling and heating. Compared to gas, oil, or electric heaters, operation cost of swimming pool water chiller & heat pumps is up to 60%~80% less, saving your expenses in energy costs each year.

Heat pumps are proven technology and widely accepted in the world as the most economic and effective method of heating and cooling your swimming pool. Unlike electric heaters and boilers that can only provide pool heating, Vindsol swimming pool water heater in Bangalore will automatically either heat or cool your pool without the need for additional equipment. Vindsol heat Pumps will produce up to five times the energy it consumes, dramatically reducing the energy consumption of your swimming pool.

Swimming pool heat pumps

Energy efficient heating

A swimming pool is a major financial investment. Getting the most out of your pool means keeping the pool at a desired swimming temperature for the maximum number of hours in each day and the maximum number of days in each year. A heat pump will economically keep your pool warm 24 hours a day.

Vindsol’s swimming pool water heater in Bangalore uses a fraction of the energy required to produce the same amount of heat as gas and electric heaters, and unlike solar heating, it is not dependent on the sun because it makes use of the latent heat in the air. The Vindsol heat pump range is thus an ideal solution for heating:

  • Swimming pools to extend the season
  • Swimming pools for year round enjoyment
  • Plunge pools

Cost effective heating

Heat pumps only require energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor, using low amperage in the process. For every 1kW of electricity consumed, Vindsol Heat Pumps can produce up to 5 kW of heat.

swimming pool water heater in Bangalore

How A refreshing and enjoyable swimming should be round the year ?

For a swim to be refreshing and animating, the pool water must be the right temperature for the swimmer, regardless of the influence of seasonal weather, extremely hot or cold. Reliable swimming pool temperature control is a key feature to enjoyable swimming. This is where Vindsol’s swimming pool water heater in Bangalore comes as a solution.

Summer Cooling

swimming pool water heater in Bangalore

During summer, swimming pools are subjected to massive solar gain. Coupled with high ambient humidity which prevents pools from cooling through evaporation, swimming pool water will become uncomfortably hot unless dynamically cooled

Winter Heating

spa pool water heater in Bangalore

During winter, swimming pools continually evaporate water and radiate heat. The combination of these factors causes heat loss which must be replaced through a heater if comfortable water temperatures are to be maintained.

Operating Principle

domestic heat pump in Bangalore

As A Heat Pump during Summer

The temperature of the hot gaseous refrigerant discharged from the compressor is much higher than the outside ambient air temperature. When the outside air passes across the condenser coil, the gaseous refrigerant transfers its heat to the air and condenses into liquid.
The liquid refrigerant passes through the expansion valve, reducing its pressure and temperature.
The low temperature refrigerant passes to the heat exchanger evaporator, where the actual heat transfer takes place: the refrigerant absorbs heat from the water pumped into the heat exchanger and evaporates, whereby the water temperature is reduced.
The gas refrigerant is then sucked to the compressor and compressed, increasing its pressure and temperature, ready to start the whole cycle once again.

As A Chiller during Winter

The heat transfer medium (the refrigerant) is colder than the outside air. As the outside air passes across the evaporator coil, the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the air and evaporates.
The gaseous refrigerant then passes to the compressor and is compressed. When compressed, the pressure is increased and the temperature of the vapor rises, effectively concentrating the heat.
The hot gaseous refrigerant passes to the heat exchanger condenser, where the actual heat transfer takes place: the intensely hot gaseous refrigerant transfers its heat to the water pumped into the heat exchanger and condenses back into a liquid.
The liquid refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve, reducing its pressure and temperature, ready to start the whole cycle once again.

commercial heat pump in Bangalore


Vindsol’s swimming pool water heater in Bangalore is designed to deliver exceptional performance and convenience with its array of advanced features.


The outer cabinet structure is made of Galvanized steel making them more rust resistant & durable.

Very Quiet in operation

And low aesthetic impact. provided with anti vibration mounts.

Auto restart

System resumes back to its previous setting once the power is restored

Compact dimension

Takes up minimal space Compared to industrial solar water heating installations

Intelligent Auto defrost

ensures stable operation even in very low ambient temperatures.

ON off timer

System can be set to turn on/off automatically as per the requirement


Vindsol’s swimming pool water heater in Bangalore offers numerous benefits that make it an ideal choice for maintaining your pool’s temperature.

Constant hot water supply

of 55-60 deg irrespective of the season outside.

All Seasons working

Heat pumps can operate all day every day all season. Including overcast & rainy days.

Energy saving of 60-75%

is outstanding compared to conventional electrical heating systems with quick payback period.

Environmental protection

Eco friendly refrigerants emit much lower Co2 footprint than other heating equipment’s without burning any fossil fuels.

Very low maintenance

Long service life and low maintenance cost, with stable equipment performance Its service life can reach over 10-15 years

Convenient and Easy installation

Using our qualified service and installation teams. It can be installed in any place, such as roof and floor etc.

HIGH reliability

Designed specifically for the outlasting harsh climatic conditions and last longer than other heating methods.

Self-Diagnostic function

Errors are automatically detected by the system with specific code. Each code designate an error for easy understanding and troubleshooting.

key Components

Vindsol’s swimming pool water heater in Bangalore is equipped with key components designed for superior performance and reliability.


Highest durable and reliable compressor in the market Fully protected (High/low temp. and pressure. over current, phase protection) Anti liquid impact.


Design ensures instantaneous changeover with minimal pressure drop. The valves are equipped with a mechanism that prevents incomplete changeover


Effectively controls the temperature & regulates optimum refrigerant flow for best in class C.O.P. Better operating conditions means less faults and consequently a reduction in maintenance costs.


Various option of Refrigerant liquid as per application that is environmentally friendly, non flammable and non toxic


The hydrophilic coated finned evaporator with enhanced frosting and corrosion resistance. The corrugated louvered fin extend heat exchanging surface, thereby facilitating more contact with inlet air and improved efficiency of the evaporator.


Coaxial heat exchanger consist of spiral grooves inner tube and a outer tube. water and refrigerant in counter current flow design. Spiral grooved structure enhance the turbulence intensity, increased heat transfer coefficient.


Wide fan blade, low noise, high temperature and abrasion resistant. Large air flow design, means more air into the system, accelerating the heat exchange and improve efficiency.


One touch intelligent controller with Touch screen design, clear working condition displaying, and self-check function of error.


Under voltage protection Over voltage protection
Under current protection Over current protection
Phase reversal Protection
Phase imbalance Protection
Compressor high discharge Temperature protection
Compressor Overload
Anti freeze Protection
Open phase Protection
Compressor high Pressure protection

Technical Specification

Model VSP-030SP VSP-050SP VSP-100SP VSP-150SP VSP-200SP VSP-250SP VSP-300SP VSP-400SP
kW 13.5 22.8 45.7 68.6 91.5 114.5 145 190
Btu/h 46080 77824 155989 234155 312320 390827 494934 648534
COP 5.62 5.7 5.71 5.7 5.71 5.72 5.7 5.8
Heatng Input Power Kw 2.4 4 8.2 12 16 20 25.4 32.7
Heating Input Current A 11 7.6 15.2 22.8 30.5 38 48 62
kW 8.2 13.5 30 45 60 75 90 120
Btu/h 27989 46080 102400 153600 204800 256000 307200 409600
EER 3.04 3.14 3.13 3 3 3 3.05 3.07
Cooling Input Power kW 2.7 4.3 9.6 15 20 25 29.5 39
Cooling Input Current A 12.3 9.8 17.6 30.7 41.8 50.8 59.2 85
Power Supply 220V/1N/50H 380V/3N/ 50Hz
Compressor Type Scroll
Make Copeland USA
Start Mode Direct Start
Quantity ( Nos) 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4
Type Titanium in PVC
Quantity ( Nos) 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4
Evaporter Fin Type Hydrophillic Aluminium
Tube Type Inner Groove Tube
Refrigerant Throttle Type Emerson Thermal Expansion Valve / electronic Expansion valve
Type R417A/R410A/R407C
Water Side Head Outlet (mm)
Cycle Flow (m3) 4 6 13 19 25 33 41 54
Pipe Size (mm) 50 50 63 63 90 90 110 110
Fan Type Low noise high efficiency axial type
Input Power (W) 90 250 250 550 750 750 750 750
Speed (rpm) 750 850 850 910 940 940 940 940
Direction Horizontal Vertical
Quantity ( Nos) 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4
Protections Under / Over voltage protection, Under /Over current protection, Open phase, Phase reversal,
Phase imbalance, Compressor high discharge temperature protection, Compressor high
discharge pressure protection, Compressor overload, Anti-Freeze protection.
Noise DB(A) <54 <56 <60 <65 <66 <68 <71 <72
Net Weight 68 125 270 460 650 750 900 1100
Cabinet Galvanized powder coated steel/Stainless steel
Dimension Length (mm) 1110 855 1550 1585 2000 2010 1700 2000
Width (mm) 470 775 845 850 1005 1165 1585 2000
Height (mm) 680 1095 1180 1525 1865 2025 1525 1865

Schematic Installation

swimming pool water heater in Bangalore

Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P)

swimming pool water heater in Bangalore


commercial heat pump in Bangalore
VDHP Series Circulation Type
Model Dimensions (L X W X H)
VDHP-3.6 1000 X 365 X 560
VDHP-5.3 1000 X 365 X 560
VDHP-8.0 1000 X 365 X 560
VDHP-12 1115 X 480 X 720
VDHP-20 1111 X 475 X 1255


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  2. Our policy is of continuous improvement. We reserve the right to alter our technical data specifications without notice.
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