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FAQ's ( Freqeuntly asked questions )

Heat pump is a device that transfers heat from a colder area to a hotter area by using mechanical energy, and it works similar to a refrigerator.A heat pump reverses the refrigeration process and extracts heat energy from the outside air, ground or water and moves that heat into your target space like water in case of water heating and room interior in case of room heating.

There are three main types of heat pump available.Air source, Water source and geo thermal source. For Indian conditions, Air source heat pump is recommended and is widely used. Depending on the application, the heat pumps are classified as

  • Residential Heat pump
  • Commercial Heat Pump
  • Swimming pool & Spa Heat Pump

Air source Heat pump converts the sensible heat in the ambient natural air into heat energy and uses to heat the water. ASHP uses a refrigerant system involving a compressor, evaporator and a condenser to absorb heat at one place and release it at another. In India, Air source Heat Pump is used for hot water generation and other drying purposes.

This is the most efficient waywhen compared to Electrical Geyser, Gas fired , Oil & wood fired way of heating water. The ASHP runs on electricity and will convert each kilowatt of electrical energy into approx 4 or more kilowatts of heat energy depending on the environment conditions.

Though there are number of factors for consideration, usually if the water, plumbing and electrical connections are in place at your home, the installation is completed within a day or two and will be ready for use.

For residential application two types of heat pump is available

  • All in One or Monobloc type – can be placed indoor like bathrooms, kitchen, balcony& basement. In this, the all parts of the heat pump is integratedin to one unit along with the storage tank
  • Split type heat pump – This will have the heat pump and storage tank as two separate units and is comparatively efficient that the monobloc type as it is placed outdoor on terrace, basement and balcony with free space
  • Residential heat pumps doesn’t need any other additional pumps
  • Monobloc type doesn’t need any pump, whereas the Split type heat pump comes with an inbuilt circulation pump designed as per the model capacity
  • For commercial Heat pumps, circulation pumps are required which has to be sized as per the heat pump specifications.

This depends on what system of heating is being planned or compared against. However, you will have significant running cost savings when compared with any other mode of water heating for 24*7 usage. Upon proper sizing and selection, our VINDSOL experts will provide you the cost saving proposal and the ROI details.

This is an important choice as it could increase your costs dramatically, and decrease the performance. When thinking about the optimal size of the device, it is always better to leave it to the experts. At VINDSOL, we do understand the site conditions, environmental factors and do a customised sizing and selection for your needs.

Fixed Speed System
Fixed speed systems get to temperature slowly as the output rating is fixed, they then turn on and off to maintain the set temperature. As the fixed speed system has only one speed that it can run at, it takes longer to get to the required temperature which tends to use more power than an inverter driven system.

Inverter Systems
Inverter systems work differently by initially increasing output to achieve the desired set temperature faster and then continually adjusting based on the heating load. The use of inverter technology removes power fluctuations and wastage experienced in fixed systems creating energy savings and consistently comfortable, quite environments

Yes it is possible and we recommend to run the heat pumps in AUTO mode only. Also you can set timers to have automatic control on the ON and OFF timings if needed.

There is not much of maintenance activities to be performed. Keeping the system free from dust is every owner’s wish. Other than this the system condition shall be checked by a skilled technician. It is advisable to have the device checked every year in order to keep track of possible issues that could arise.

The average lifespan of a heat pump is 10 to 15 years if they are constantly being monitored and preventive maintenance is performed

Depending on the complexity of the system and its application, whether it’s a new installation or retrofitting one, the price will vary. It is not easy to forecast the exact price for it, as there are many details to consider. Kindly contact the VINDSOL team to get the best assured price in market.

No, heat pumps are not so nosier and is comparable with the refrigeration systems. Residential heat pump noise levels are only in the range of 50 to 55 DB.

The outdoor part of the system does have a fan which draws the air across the internal components and this will make a whirring noise in operation similar to AC outdoor unit.

Air source heat pump work even in sub zero temperature of Indian conditions. This is the unique feature of ASHP which makes it a 24*7 ready application for hot water, which is not possible with stand alone solar systems.

The hot water storage tank sizing has to be done considering the heat pump capacity & specifications. Higher tank volume will result in higher cost and lower capacity will result in hot water availability issues during peak hours. VINDSOL team will do proper calculation based proper sizing of storage tank based on your hot water load requirements. In general for residential application for 3 to 4 persons in a family, 100/150 litres tank is recommended.

This is the difference between the Monobloc type heat pump and the Split type heat pump. In Monobloc type, the refrigerant coil is in the storage tank and in split type, the refrigerant coil is a part of the heat exchanger in the outdoor unit. Generally the split type heat pump is recommended considering the higher COP (efficiency) and ease of serviceability . However, monobloc is better in case of indoor or space constrained areas.

Yes, we can connect heat pumps to your existing solar hot water system to eliminate the electrical heating which will cost you more as all solar water heaters have inbuilt electrical heating which adds on to your running cost. Using heat pumps with solar will eliminate this. Moreover, it is always economical to go for Heat pumps for your new house, hotel instead of any other system for hot water generation.

In this aspect, other than the minimum input electricity, this system can be classified as a Renewable Energy source as the heat in the ambient air is replenished. As the COP is approx. 4 and more, the CO2 emission is drastically reduced when compared to other modes of hot water generation. Based on the finalised model, VINDSOL team will provide you the CO2 emission reduction against other modes. VINDSOL Hot Water Heat Pumps has zero ozone depletion potential.This refrigerant allows useful heat energyto be absorbed even when the outdoor conditions drop below freezing.

Yes, we have heat pumps specific to swimming pools and SPAs. These heat pumps can be connected to the existing swimming pools or the new pools also. VINDSOL heat pumps are efficient in maintain the swimming pool water warm to enable to use it 24*7 even in winter. In case of outdoor pools, VINDSOL provides solution to reduce the heat loss with swimming pool covers uniquely designed for this purpose.

Yes, Heat pumps are the most efficient one when compared to gas or oil fired methods. This reduces your space in the hotel basement or pump room as the heat pumps shall be placed close to the storage tanks in terrace. Your ROI (Return On Investment) will be better in case of heat pump usage for huge water requirement like in hotel, hostel or hospitals.

Generally, the hot water in delivery pipe lines to your bath rooms or kitchen will get cold overnight or when not used for some time due to heat loss.
So, a return line from hot water usage points is generally considered in building design. A pump is connected to this return line (suction to pump) and the delivery of this pump is connected to hot water storage tank. VINDSOL return pumps are automated to always maintain hot water in the pipe lines at any point of time. This eliminates the cold water wastage in the pipe line and your waiting time in the morning.

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