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thermodynamic heat pump in Bangalore
commercial heat pump in Bangalore

Thermodynamic Solar Heat Pump

Residential / Domestic Hot water Application

New solar thermodynamic heat pumps series for the domestic hot water production. These system include one or more solar thermodynamic panels installed outdoors, able to extract solar energy and the available energy of the surrounding environment.

  • Fluid Refrigerant : 134A.
  • Compressor : Rotary Specially designed Heat pump specific compressors from HITACHI / TOSHIBA
  • Heat Exchanger: Built In High efficiency Tube in Shell Heat Exchanger
  • Electric power consumption: 650 W / 990 W
  • Heating temperature 55-60 Deg
heat pump in Bangalore
thermodynamic heat pump in Bangalore
domestic heat pump in Bangalore

Working of All-In-One Thermodynamic Heat pump

  1. The refrigerant coil R134a gas circulates through the thermodynamic panel where energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature transforming the liquid into a gas and carrying the heat back to the thermodynamic unit. The gas compressed within the system which increases the pressure and therefore also the temperature.
  2. Simultaneously a water pump pushes water from built in water tank into the thermodynamic blocks heat exchanger after which the hotter water returns to DHW cylinder. This flow continues until domestic hot water temperature reaches 55°C. Once this is achieved the system goes into standby.
  3. Built in sanitary hot water storage tank filled with water is used as hot water source for domestic use. Maximal efficiency and low maintenance costs are achieved with state of art system.


User Friendly Installation and low maintenance

Designed for easy access and simple installation. Maintenance for the equipment is almost non -existent providing maximum safety and security.

Efficient any weather performance

Efficient performance day or night or in any weather. So irrespective of the weather outside you can always have hot water at your disposal.

Power of Heat pump Specific Rotary Compressor

New generation Rotary compressor designed especially for heat pump, which has a higher condensing temp. when compared to regular AC compressor.

Advanced Controller functions

Next Gen advanced fully automatic heat pump controller with advanced energy savings functions & full system protection.

WIFI function

The controller has built-in WIFI functionality with App for easy operation, you can set the desired temp and switch on / off the system.

Quiet Operation

Unlike regular heat pump, it doesn’t have any moving apart from compressor it is extremely silent and doesn’t bother you and your sleep.


Under voltage protection Over voltage protection
Under current protection Over current protection
Phase reversal Protection
Phase imbalance Protection
Compressor high discharge Temperature protection
Compressor Overload
Anti freeze Protection
Open phase Protection
Compressor high Pressure protection


Constant hot water supply

of 55-60 deg irrespective of the season outside.

All Seasons working

Heat pumps can operate all day every day all season. Including overcast & rainy days.

Energy saving of 60-75%

is outstanding compared to conventional electrical heating systems with quick payback period.

Environmental protection

Eco friendly refrigerants emit much lower Co2 footprint than other heating equipment’s without burning any fossil fuels.

Very low maintenance

Long service life and low maintenance cost, with stable equipment performance Its service life can reach over 10-15 years

Convenient and Easy installation

Using our qualified service and installation teams. It can be installed in any place, such as roof and floor etc.

HIGH reliability

Designed specifically for the outlasting harsh climatic conditions and last longer than other heating methods.

Self-Diagnostic function

Errors are automatically detected by the system with specific code. Each code designate an error for easy understanding and troubleshooting.

Technical Specification

Material Anodized Aluminium alloy Anodized Aluminium alloy
Dimensions (L x A x e) mm. 2000x800x20 2000x800x20
Maximum working pressure bar 12 12
Test pressure bar 15 15
Maximum exposure temperature °C 100 120
Minimum running temperature °C 5 5
Thermodynamic Box
Width / Height / Depth mm. 550 / 600 / 350 550
Absorbed power (Average/Max) W 650 890
Thermal power (Average/Max) W 3490 4750
Electrical support power W 1500 1500
Compressor Type Rotary Rotary
Compressor Noise Level dB. 45 45
Cooling Fluid / Amount* – / gr. R134a / 800* R134a / 1100*
Piping Material Copper (DHP ISO1337) Copper (DHP ISO1337)
Line of liquid pol. 1/4” 1/4”
Line of aspiration pol. 3/8” 3/8”
Storage Water Heater
Volume lts 200 300
Type of internal Tank MS Enamelled / Stainless steel MS Enamelled / Stainless steel
Hydraulic joints (Cold | Hot | TPR valve | Recirculation) Pol. 3/4” Male | 3/4” Male 1/2 Female | 3/4” Female 3/4” Male | 3/4” Male 1/2 Female | 3/4” Female
Maximum pressure bar 7 7
Test pressure bar 10 10
Maximum water temperature °C 80 80
Water temperature °C 55 55
Power feed V / Hz. 230 Single Phase / 50 230 Single Phase / 50

Typical Domestic Installation


  1. Images of the models and specifications shown are for information only, please reach us for further detailed technical information about the required product.
  2. Our policy is of continuous improvement. We reserve the right to alter our technical data specifications without notice.
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