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The Advantages of Using Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters for Hotels

Air source heat pump water heaters are widely used for hot water supply by hotels because of their advantages in

 High efficiency
 High safety
 Environmental protection
 Better ROI
 Low running & maintenance cost
 Eliminates space at pump room for oil fired / gas fired systems
 No need of fossil fuels
 No emissions

As long as there is electricity, the air-water heat pump can continuously obtain heat from the air and keep heating all day long, which is not affected by cloudy and rainy weather. The renewable heat energy in the air is consumed without any waste, toxic gas, carbide emissions. Therefore, it is easy for hotels to pass the inspection by environmental protection departments.

The hotel water can be heated by one or more heat pump units in parallel to meet the bathing water demand of up to thousands of people. Therefore, air source heat pumps are really a great solution for hot water supply in hotels regarding its economic advantages.

Why Choose VINDSOL Air Source Heat Pumps for Hotels?

1. Professional heat pump system. VINDSOL is highly customer centric. Hence thorough understanding on the requirements and sizing based on the needs is top most priority rather than simply supplying a system as per the basic requirements.

2. Quality Oriented:
We have complete quality control system, and our air source heat pump products are manufactured with high quality world famous renowned branded components.

3. Two Years Warranty:
Within 24 months since the delivery date, if the product has any operation failure, under normal usage within warranty period, VINDSOL will provide free new assembly parts based on the proof documents.

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