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Benefits of Heat pumps

Constant hot water supply

of 55-60 deg irrespective of the season outside.

HIGH reliability

Designed specifically for the outlasting harsh climatic conditions and last longer than other heating methods.

Convenient and Easy installation

Using our qualified service and installation teams. It can be installed in any place, such as roof and floor etc.

Energy saving of 60-75%

is outstanding compared to conventional electrical heating systems with quick payback period.

All Seasons working

Heat pumps can operate all day every day all season. Including overcast & rainy days.

Self-Diagnostic function

Errors are automatically detected by the system with specific code. Each code designate an error for easy understanding and troubleshooting.

Very low maintenance

Long service life and low maintenance cost, with stable equipment performance Its service life can reach over 10-15 years

Environmental protection

Eco friendly refrigerants emit much lower Co2 footprint than other heating equipment’s without burning any fossil fuels.

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