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Air to Water Heat Pumps: Great for Spa Centres

Spa centres choose air source heat pumps as hot water supply equipment mainly due to the following reasons:

 SPAs get constant temperature hot water supply from air source heat pumps which is a major need for them

 Economic benefits are also a big advantage when compared with traditional water heaters. Air to water heat pumps have high energy efficiency and obvious power saving effect for SPAs where they have multiple hot water usage points served by a common air source hot water system.

 Almost there is no maintenance with air source heat pumps when compared to other modes

 Air to water heat pumps are very safe, which can largely avoid explosions, leakage and other accidents, so that guests can safely enjoy their bath.

 Air to water heat pumps are green and environment-friendly. With the vigorous implementation of the environment protection policy, many commercial places have been strictly prohibited from using oil or gas fired boilers.

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